Ghost Busters Replica Backpack: Who You Gonna Call?

It doesn't matter how old you are, the Ghost Busters have been a fixture for decades, and let's be honest here - we've all dreamed about having a ghost busting machine (otherwise called a Proton Pack) of our very own. Yeah, sure, there have been plastic toys, but the coolest replica that's also functional will soon be available.

Ghost Busters BackpackGhost Busters Backpack

From  80's Tees, the original Proton Pack is making an appearance with a fashion that will be a revival of the retro movie. Now, you can get out there are bust all those ghosts that have been driving you crazy for decades, taking advantage of your lack of ghost busting equipment. Okay, so it's a little bit geeky to sport this fashion, at least outside of the house where you will nonetheless run around busting ghosts and shouting "who you gonna call?"; but at least you can take pride in the excuse that it is a backpack.

Via: Geekologie