G.ho.st Gives You Your Own Computer Where Ever You Have A Browser

ImageImageIf you travel a lot and don't have a laptop, wouldn't it be nice if someone just gave you a 15 GB computer?  How about if that computer was so easy to transport that you didn't even need to carry it?  That's the premise behind G.ho.st, a new service that isn't just about online storage space, but about a full PC experience right from your browser.

The site's owners make the case that if you share a lot of pictures, videos, etc., that you could easily take up 20 minutes after your browser loads up  just to access your files.  They also argue that while you may be able to access your files, you might not be able to edit them on the site.  That is why G.ho.st takes online file hosting to the next level, by giving you a desktop environment in which your files live, and you can use and edit them just like you were on a computer.

G.ho.st uses Zoho for word processing and other office software, and gives you your own @g.ho.st email address as soon as you sign up.  The interface looks very much like any contemporary Windows desktop, with a "start" menu and icons for shortcuts.  You can "install" new applications to your G.ho.st PC just by browsing through them and enabling them.  The interface also allows you to upload files to your "ghost drive" which is in a familiar structure for folders and files.

I have to say that when I first started up this site, I was very skeptical.  I honestly didn't think G.ho.st was going to be good enough to write a blog post about.  But the spectre has spooked me, and with a free 15 GB (you can actually gain 5 more GB by getting a friend to sign up), and all of the great looking/great working features, it's hard not to give it a good review.  The only problem I encountered was in signing up, when my confirmation email seemed to be lacking a confirmation link.  Thankfully, the support team got back to me quickly, and I was off and running.  If you're the type who likes to take your file stuff with you where ever you go, definitely give G.ho.st a shot.  Let us know how you liked it in the comments.

Jan 29, 2010
by Anonymous

Apple Cloud

It's ok but clunky. Glide OS is a lot more sophisticated and far more interesting and comes with 30GBs of storage. It will be interesting to see what the Apple Cloud looks like when it launches. I am sure Apple will show everyone how to do it best...but it will come at a price.

Apr 18, 2011
by dinni

This is just great, it's the

This is just great, it's the first time I read about it but I am thrilled to see that someone thought about that too. I am sure G.ho.st will rock, we don't need experts to tell us that. Is there any file extension software you need to be able to use it? I ought to know more about it.