Ghost Lighter Rides Wave Of Cuteness To Flame And Fortune


The Ghost Lighter does nothing more than provide a flickering flame at the flick of a finger, and you know what? That's OK. The in-your-face cuteness of the design stands on its own as a statement of pure creative whimsy.  

How to describe the Ghost Lighter from ifif... A radioactive penguin? The rear end of an eco bomb? A tiny green mutant reaching out for your love? Perhaps the latter: touch his/her hand and the torch it's carrying for you erupts in a golden flame. You want to do it again and again because it's just so damned cute. Instead of a generic switch or button used to turn on the lighter there's a tiny ghost's hand... beautiful, no?

The Ghost Lighter is tiny indeed - just 1.9 inches wide by 2.5 inches high by 1.2 inches thick. It weighs a mere ounce, or 30 grams for you metric folks. Best of all, it glows a soft, ghostly green when the lights go out. Ostensibly this is to help you find it in a darkened room but we al know the main reason is that ghosts glow and so should any self-respecting Ghost Lighter. Set up your theme and follow it through to the end, no compromises.

The Ghost Lighter costs a mere 504 yen (around $5.25) from Cataloger in Japan and comes with a 6-month warranty: sorta silly but cute in itself. At that price you'll want to buy a half-dozen or so. When you ghost green, you wanna ghost all the way.

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