GI Bike: Electric And Foldable

GI Bike FoldedGI Bike Folded

The GI Bike claims to be the fastest folding bike ever. If you had one, you could have it folded up by the time you read this far. Seriously. It takes 3 seconds. And another thing, it's electric. So urban commuters, if you're looking for convenience and economy, you may want to consider the GI Bike.

It's not on the market just yet, but the GI Bike promises to be popular with urban commuters when it hits the streets. First, it's electric and can go 40+ miles on its LiFePo4 battery on a single charge. And then when you get to where you're going, you can lock the bike's gears with your smart phone or fold it up in under 3 seconds and store it in your office.

GI BikeGI Bike

The GI Bike also offers integrated LED lights that can be controlled via smart phone. Smart phone integration also means GPS, social networking and control over the bike's functions. The bike is also super light for an electric bike. It only weighs 37.4lbs and can support up to 275lbs. 

Like I said, this convenient economic bike hasn't hit the market just yet, but you can back the project, find out more information and pre-order your own on GI's Kickstarter page. If you're an urban commuter, this invention may just be the thing for you.