Gi FlyBike: First E-Bike To Fold In One Second

A new bike has just hit the streets and it’s a totally smart bike – a one of a kind in fact.

It’s called Gi FlyBike and it has been developed by a team of inventors in New York City, NY.

It's an electric, smart, maintenance-free, folding bicycle with .26” wheels. The invention scripts a new chapter in urban commuting, especially in big cities.

What makes this bike so unique is that you can take it just about anywhere: the office, the subway, the elevator, and you can even store it in a locker, in the corner of your office or livingroom.

The invention is a new commuting option that will liberate city dwellers on every level. And the good news with the development of Gi FlyBike is that you don’t need worry about the price at the gas pumps when you own these wheels. You just power it up and you are free to own the street in style.

Ditch The Car, Save Money

Gi FlyBike is made from ultra-lightweight aircraft grade aluminum.

If you can believe it, this bike will fold in one second once you release a small latch located above its pedals. Now that is impressive.

The bike will travel 40 miles on one battery charge, and it comes with a GPS system that syncs with your smartphone.

And this bike is equipped with solid, anti-puncture tires, so you don’t have to worry about getting any more flats while you are commuting back and forth to work or while out tending to a variety of errands.

Gi FlyBike also comes with a USB phone charging feature so you can stay connected while traveling from point A to B, and it also has a smart locking system that locks or unlocks on its own when you are about 10 feet away.

Through the Gi FlyBike free app you can control its LED smart lights, and share your riding experiences with others who belong to the network. The app also allows you to control the electric assistance and smart lock features.

Even better, you can program your route even before you hop on this new smart bike through its app.

These wheels can also travel at a speed of 15 miles per hour.

Gi FlyBike: The Ultimate Commuter Bike

So, what inspired a team of New York City inventors to develop the world’s first ‘fly folding electric bike?’

They indicate that they came up with the idea only a few years ago when they all lived together in Argentina. Sure enough, a national strike shut down the public transportation right across the country.

“The strike inspired us to delve into the kinds of problems commuters face, and to critically examine alternative forms of transportation,” indicates Gi FlyBike’s inventors.

“During and even after the strike, we noticed that commuters wanted the kind of independence that is incompatible with public transit; they also wanted agility that cars cannot offer, with as little environmental impact as possible. This has been the inspiration behind the design of Gi FlyBike.”

Gi FlyBike is a bit pricey; however it’s way, way cheaper than owning a car.

It retails for $2,225 (USD).

Will we see more smart bikes like this on the market anytime soon?