Giant Athletes "Dream Big" to Promote Football

Giant football players greet commuters at a Zurich train station. Why are they there? At 17 metres high, they're there to represent "dreaming big" in the UEFA EURO 2008 tournament.

These giant statues are, despite their height, life-like representations of 11 football players from nine different countries. Not only are they gigantic, but they cheer for each other twice a day!

More than 50 people worked for over a year to create this striking and innovative piece to promote the tournament. The heads of each player are three metres high, and the players combined weigh seven tons.



These giants aren't the only ones advertising the tournament. In Vienna, a 42-metre high likeness of a football goalkeeper used eight arms to support a Ferris wheel, symbolic of his talent at the sport.

Also in Vienna, 16 car-sized football boots were displayed in front of the MuseumsQuartier. They were designed with each country's colours.

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