Giant Cell Phone Building Calls Out for Attention

Standing out from the crowd in crowded Tokyo's concrete jungle takes some doing these days. Between the neon lights and omnipresent signs, every retailer within view seems to be shouting "buy me!"

The thought of competing with sensory overload turned up to 11 forced Japanese electronics retailer Bic Camera into considering something a little different for their new computers & cameras store in Ikebukuro. Their solution is eye-catching to say the least... but that's the intention.


The Ikebukuro Bic Camera building isn't just painted to look like a giant cellphone, that would be too easy. The real stroke of genius was in using the phone button graphics on the facade to indicate what was in the store - and on what floor to find it.

For example, on the first floor you'll find computer CPUs, desks and chairs. The fourth floor offers memory chips and cameras while one floor up is the software department. It's cool, it's different and it leaves a lasting impression - who's going to remember what buildings were on either side of the Giant Cell Phone building?

It's not known whether the Bic Camera building in Ikebukura received any special building code exemptions nor if any were even required. Furthermore, one wonders if the success of Bic's over-the-top, in your face display will spark competing retailers to adopt a similar strategy: a huge beverage vending machine for a soft drink company, a "clothed" building for a clothing retailer and so on. It would certainly be something worth seeing - or snapping a pic of with a cellphone camera. (via Kirainet and Andreas Maaninka)