Giant Ducky Pool Float: This Aint Your Mama’s Rubber Ducky!

Move over rubber ducky, there's a new bird in town. Giant Ducky Pool Float is one ginormous foul. And this duck is not only a colorful poolside companion, the kids can float on him too. So grab the kiddies and hop on.

Giant Ducky Pool FloatGiant Ducky Pool Float

Giant Ducky is made out of heavy duty vinyl.  So you won't need to clean up after this duck - he is feather-free!  And there's no need to worry about crashing into other floating birds either - the see-through head allows the kids to navigate around obstacles or other swimmers that may get in the way.

And no matter what they say, sometimes size DOES matter! Measuring about 60 inches long by 48 inches high, this duck is for use in pools only - not the tub.   And unless you or someone you know is full of hot air, an electrical pump is recommended.

Just a word of warning: the kiddies will probably be singing "rubber ducky I love you" for a long, long time! From Bluewave, Giant Ducky retails for around $12.

Source and Photo:  ToySplash


Jul 23, 2009
by Anonymous

12 bucks, that's cheap. Or typo

12 bucks, that's cheap. Or typo