Lava Me Tender: Big Rack Rock Invades Japanese Beach!

You can keep your milk of human kindness, just rock me in the bosom of Mother Nature... and I do mean "rock". I also mean “bosom”, and you'll get the best of both on an otherwise desolate beach in Japan's southernmost large island of Kyushu.

Across a stretch of water lies Mount Unzen, a volcano prone to violent eruptions – the beach at Reihoku is littered with lava bombs of all shapes and sizes. It's more than a bit mind-boggling to consider the immense force required to fling a 5-ft wide bolus of congealed lava several miles through the air.

The bomb's accidental resemblance to a certain part of the human female anatony is astonishing to say the least. It's a wonder Triumph, Wacoal or any other Japanese lingerie manufacturer hasn't invaded the beach to do a promo shoot.

Road signs on nearby roads and highways direct travelers and tourists to the Oppai Ishi (literally “Breast Rock”), where another, larger sign explains the formation's origin and highlights other curiously shaped beach bombshells... er, not you, lady.

Speaking of ladies, Oppai Ishi attracts interest from all genders and all ages, some of whom get a little TOO personal when they get up close and personal. Uh, girls, gently please... you wouldn't want to arouse any sudden earthquakes or eruptions now, mmmkay? (images via RocketNews24, Foodpia-Olive, Kaz777, Horizon472, and oaw0)