Giant LEGO Storage Blocks Make Cleanup Fun And Creative


Who doesn’t love LEGO?  Young, old, male, female – pretty much everyone has played with this stuff and many people started when they were kids and have never stopped.  It is completely addictive!  I think that there are very few people who could sit down in front of a pile of LEGO and completely resist snapping some pieces together.  It allows the designer/architect/inventor in all of us to come out.

As we all know, LEGO has evolved since its beginnings.  There are now different sizes, colors and shapes to suit every age group and taste, but there have never been life-sized pieces until now.  Lego Storage Bricks are an ingenious idea for de-cluttering kids’ rooms.  Not only do they hold stuff inside, they can also be assembled just like regular LEGO.  How much fun would that be?  In fact, I think that they would make pretty funky pieces for adults to have in their living space as well.

The bricks come in different sizes and colors and there is a LEGO man storage head available for purchase too. 

Source: Amazon

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