Giant Robotic Dust Ball Is Here To Destroy…Dirt?

We’re all for slick future technology, and designer Dave Hakkens is definitely trending that way with his Giant Robotic Dust Ball, along with a healthy dose of the “holy crap that’s weird” feeling. 


We’d say that the Giant Robotic Dust Ball is just what it sounds like, but in order to get a mental picture you’d actually had to have seen one of these before. Essentially, the Dust Ball is a small sphere covered in holes which contains a motor, battery, and storage chamber that allow it to roll around the room, picking up dust and other debris.


Dave’s robot motor drives the ball along two axes in order to romp around the room and suck up any debris it encounters. “Used” air is also emitted from a number of ports on the side of the Ball in order to blow dust out of corners and allow it to be collected.


Once the Giant Robotic Dust Ball is full, it will return to its charging pad and glow, letting you know that it is ready for changing.

Giant Dust Ball: the design phase.Giant Dust Ball: the design phase.


From concept shots of the ball, it looks quite a bit bigger than it is actually is, and you can see in the above design model shot that it is not intended to reach more than few feet in height.


Simply put, this is a great idea with a really weird visual style. The lines and coloring of the Ball are simple and clear, but there is something inherently odd about a Ball rolling around the floor of its own accord. Add to that the fact that dust and dirt tend to accumulate under things, and it seems that the overall utility of the Ball may be limited.


And while Giant Robotic Dust Ball sounds like the description of a movie role for a low-paid extra, we’re not sure it really qualifies as a great name for a revolutionary product.


We do like Dave’s way of thinking, though, and we do hope his designs keep on rollin’.


Source: Yanko Design

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