Giant Salamander Christmas Tree Is A Newt Neat Holiday Treat

Tokyo's legendary giant Godzilla Christmas Tree has some Kaiju competition courtesy of the Kyoto Aquarium, who wants to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Newt Year!

The Kyoto Aquarium is no stranger to strange promotional gimmicks; we've previously reported on the frightening Grilled Fish “Hotdog” and faux Frog's Egg Soup sold in the attraction's cafe. Now the aquarium's gift shop is getting in on the action by displaying a 100” tall Christmas tree made from dozens of plush Giant Salamanders.

The gift shop stocks the plush amphibians in four different sizes (S, M, L and LL) and representative samples of all four have been skilfully interwoven to create the tree. Spherical glass Christmas ornaments in clear, white and blue along with shimmering blue and white ribbons imbue the impression of flowing founts of water.

The Giant Salamander plushes are pleasingly marbled in shades of sandy brown, sporting shiny black eyes and endearing lipless grins. A trio of the largest size are stacked alongside the tree, each wearing a swanky red scarf because hey: 'tis the season!

You'll want to check out the Kyoto Aquarium's Giant Salamander Christmas Tree in person but you'd best be quick about it: the display was set up on November 25th and is set to be deconstructed at the end of Christmas Day. (via Gigazine)