Gift Couture: Company Specializes In Quirky Wrapping Paper

We've all watched a child tear through wrapping paper with excitement to get through the gift it contains, only to  discover that they find more entertainment value in the wrapping then the gift itself. This is often disappointing to the gift-giver as it was the gift, and not the wrapping paper, that they selected with care. But who says it has to be that way? Certainly not Gift Couture - a business that designs wrapping paper that is as fun as the present it contains.

steak gift couturesteak gift couture

The creative entrepreneurs behind Gift Couture wanted to make the presentation of a gift just as exciting as the gift itself. Wrapping paper is more traditionally brightly colored, sparkly, or shiny.  It can be either elegant or fun, and is always visually appealing. But wrapping paper is very rarely a conversation piece - typically it is what's inside people are anxious to see. However, Gift Couture is working to change all of that.

cheeseburger papercheeseburger paper

 Gift Couture  describes their business model as follows: "we produce unique papers that coordinate together to form conceptualized themes and sets" . Their website currently features a cheeseburger set that includes sesame bun wrapping paper, cheese, and burger paper, and even veggies so the hamburger can be dressed just like the real thing.

They also have the mouth-watering steak wrapping set that features the cut of meat, a cutting board complete with knife marks, butcher paper, twine, and a meat tray. The steak set is the most realistic option in their line so far as the whole presentation truly does look like what you'd take home from the butcher, right down to the sticker that acts as a gift label.

Via: KickStarter