Gift Giving In The World Of Social Networking: Buy Your Facebook Friend A Real Gift Using Get Them In

Facebook gifts are great, but truly do fall into the "it's the thought that counts" mentality, since naturally, the bouquet of gorgeous roses gifted to you by a crush, or the nice cold beer presented to you by a friend appears as no more than a sub-par graphic accompanied by a personal message. has captured the market that bridges the gap between virtual gifts, and those that can be redeemed in the real world. However, unlike another new startup, Get Them In, it doesn't allow you to show off your gift-giving generosity on your favorite social networking sites.

With Get Them In, social networking users can send their friends real drinks, using custom applications available on websites like Facebook. With Get Them In, users can choose exactly which kind of drink they'd like to purchase for their friends; choosing from a variety of beer, wines, and booze. Once the purchase has been made, a gift message is sent to your friend via Facebook, or another participating social networking site of your choice; available for all to see, that way you can show up your other friends who opted for the virtual beer, which won't play a role in this summer's patio and BBQ parties.

In order to claim their drinks sent through Get Them In, recipients can use their vouchers to pick up their booze from off-license stores. In time, Get Them In is also hoping to expand to include local bars in their services.

As the trend of social networking continues to grow, and increasing number of people are finding themselves befriending others virtually; with businesses like Get Them In, an element of real world friendship is offered.