Gift Idea For The Budding Fashionista: Crafty, Customizable Lip Balm Kit!

Adults may appreciate customized beauty products, like the lip balms offered by Lipbalm Labz ; but kids like to get their hands dirty when they customize. With that in mind, here is one great product that any young and budding fashionista would love to receive this holiday season.

Make Your Own Lipbalm Kit for KidsMake Your Own Lipbalm Kit for Kids

Creativity for Kids "Make Your Own Lip Balm" Kit  from Amazon gives kids that same opportunity to customize their favorite flavors of age appropriate beauty products that Lipbalm Labz offers older generations, but it's more hands on.

Using this kit, kids can blend their own lip balm flavors, and even design and decorate the containers that house them.

This one sounds like a winner! Santa, are you listening?

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