The Gift of Portable Humidity

The human body is sensitive to its environment. We have a range within which we feel comfortable - a certain temperature range; a certain illumination range, a certain level of sound, pressure and even humidity. Alter any of this too much or for too long and the body will protest. In a dry environment, like an air-conditioned office, the moisture from our body is extracted to the environment and our skin dries. This also true with the eyes, mouth and nasal mucosa. Even the lungs disapprove of dry air, causing the body to humidify and warm the air in the nasal cavity before it descends into the lungs. To aid in this effort, Amazing Grace has come up with the Amazing Humidifier.

So what's the big deal about another humidifier in the market? Well this one is something you can carry in your backpack or handbag. It's about a quarter of the length of a small bottle of water, and speaking of water, this humidifier nestles atop of the bottled water and extracts the water from it, turning it onto a gentle spray of mist. This mist can effectively humidify an area of about 180 square feet. That's enough to keep your personal space in your office, or wherever you are, nicely habitable.

If you are wondering how you're going to power it, not to worry, the folks at Amazing Grace decided to power it with a USB cable that you can just connect to your computer. That's enough to run the humidifier and keep your space comfy. It doesn't stop there. If you are at a coffee shop and you need to use it, just plug it into your laptop, buy a bottle of mineral water and you're all set. The humidifier fits onto almost every commercially available bottle of water.

By keeping this with you at all times, those of you susceptible to dry air, can stave of sinus headaches or bouts of discomfort when breathing dry air. The Amazing Humidifier is something that we've been waiting for. A lot of the environment in enclosed places can be harsh and its not feasible to always lug around a home humidifier. Another brilliant idea taken from the things around us.