Gifted Ribbon Bands Ensure Your Gifts Look Perfect Every Time


Gifted Ribbon Bands from Japan are made from red elastic silicone rubber and come in two sizes, ensuring your carefully chosen and beautifully wrapped holiday gifts (and/or bananas) look as smart and stylish as can be!  

Now I'll be the first to admit pre-formed and faux-knotted gift ribbons might seem like the solution to a First World Problem: “OMG, the ribbons on my gifts look cheap, cheesy and amateurish... they'll wonder how I manage to tie my own shoelaces!” 

But hey, we who live in the First World have to deal with these kinds of problems on a daily basis and lemme tell ya, it wears you down. Thank goodness the clever creative types at Monkey Business feel our pain and have done their bit to make the holiday season a little less stressful. In all fairness, Gifted Ribbon Bands can be a godsend to gift-giving seniors whose arthritis and rheumatism makes tying knots a painful chore, so they've got that going for them, which is nice.

Gifted Ribbon Bands come packed ten to a box – why a box and not a flat pack? Because a box looks like a gift from the get-go while doubling as an instruction manual, that's why. DUH!

You get five 5cm (1.97”) wide ribbons and five 8cm (3.15”), which should cover the gamut of typical holiday gifts as the bands are stretchy, unlike those old-fashioned and obsolete real red silk ribbons that have caused so much shame and heartbreak in the past. Order yours online direct from the Idealtime product page; they're priced at just 980 yen (about $12) per box.