9 Hot USB Gadget Gifts To Keep Geeks & Gamers Warm This Winter

I found a website that has hundreds of USB gadgets and most of them are not dumb.... They're not just for geeks and gamers either, but are quite practical for all of us who spend our lives nearly chained to a computer.  

Cold weather has arrived so I picked some hot, or at least warming, USB powered items as ideas for Christmas gifts from from the hundreds of USB products offered. 

From USB Brando's Winter Collection...

(UPDATE: Links to discontinued items have been removed. You can find the latest USB heated items here .)


USB Christmas Gift Number 1:  USB Eye Warmer

I bet you think this is a joke, but think again.  Eyes get tired, if not cold, and heat relaxes.  The USB-powered Eye Warmer gives your eyes and your mind a break they totally deserve.  The Eye Warmer has a corded on-off switch and high-low settings for your heat. (Discontinued)




USB Christmas Gift Number 2.  USB Whirl Wind Warmer Cup

Brando carries several different USB cup warmers as well as chillers, all with extra features.  But this USB cup doesn't just hold your hot beverage, it mixes it for you.  No need to use a spoon, adding more clutter to your desk; just add milk and/or sweetener and let the USB Whirl Wind them together.  Although not included, you may also use the Whirl Wind Warmer Cup with an AC adapter.  See a short video of the cup's performance here.





USB Christmas Gift Number 3:  USB Lunchbox Warmer

This is a great choice for someone who works in an office without a microwave.  (Food smells don't exactly impress office visitors.)  The plastic lunch box (about 7.5 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches) is surrounded top and bottom by two heaters stationed inside the thermal bag units.  Heats up to 122 degrees F.   An Ac Adapter is included, if you don't choose to use USB power.  USB LunchBox Warmer 






USB Christmas Gift Number 5:  USB Hand Warmers

Brando carries all the cutie-pie USB gloves in various animal designs; some with fitted finger holes and others made like mittens with an open space for fingers to move around. They even have USB-heated Santa Claus Gloves.  For adults, especially if used in an office setting, I like Brando's USB Heating Gloves.  These are woolen and glove-style with covers for your finger tips, when you can take a break from the keyboard.  With two-levels of heat, the double-connected gloves can rise 10 degrees in five minutes.





USB Christmas Gift Number 6:  USB G-Gloves (G is for Girls!)

Geek chickadees will love these girlie USB G-Gloves in Pink, Blue, and Beige.  They work just like the adult ones, above, but they're made for small hands and they're pretty!





USB Christmas Gift Number 7:  USB Heated Knee Warmers

The USB Heated Knee Warmers knee warmers come with two USB cables and two battery packs, so you can wear them outdoors as well as at your desk.  Guys may not choose to wear these, but the ribbons -- which make them look a little girlie -- can be changed for different closures, which after Christmas may be a good idea for both genders.




USB Christmas Gift Number 7:  USB Heated Blanket

Now this is versatile.  You've got 33 x 18 inches of soft heated blanket to cover anywhere you need warming... in pink, grey, and dark blue. Comes with a long cable for convenience. Stays at about 95 degrees F, after heating. USB Heated Blanket




USB Christmas Gift Number 8: USB Foot Warmers

These booties come in pink and blue, are decently styled, and can be powered by two USB cables or two (AA) battery packs.  There are on/off and heat control switches, which provides more convenience in regulating your footsies' heat.  Available in women's size 10 US and men's size 9 US.  Men, I'd go for the navy blues below which are in size 11.5 inches; they have the same features except no battery packs.





USB Christmas Gift Number 9: USB Mouse Pad Warmers

Brando has a few different styles of the Mouse Pad Warmer: the Burger, as shown here, the strawberry, and the mouse-eating dolphin for example.  They are all really fun, and practical, if it's just your mouse hand that gets cold. The lower surface of the Burger is a mouse pad, so you can guide your mouse around easily and keep your whole hand warm at the same time.  



There are many more USB lifestyle gift ideas at Brando.com, as well as cool USB Christmas decorations for your monitor or computer area. It really has everything USB! (UPDATE: Links to discontinued items have been removed. You can find the latest USB heated items here.)


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Dec 21, 2009
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