9 Hot USB Gadget Gifts To Keep Geeks & Gamers Warm This Winter

USB Christmas Gift Number 5:  USB Hand Warmers

Brando carries all the cutie-pie USB gloves in various animal designs; some with fitted finger holes and others made like mittens with an open space for fingers to move around. They even have USB-heated Santa Claus Gloves.  For adults, especially if used in an office setting, I like Brando's USB Heating Gloves.  These are woolen and glove-style with covers for your finger tips, when you can take a break from the keyboard.  With two-levels of heat, the double-connected gloves can rise 10 degrees in five minutes.





USB Christmas Gift Number 6:  USB G-Gloves (G is for Girls!)

Geek chickadees will love these girlie USB G-Gloves in Pink, Blue, and Beige.  They work just like the adult ones, above, but they're made for small hands and they're pretty!





USB Christmas Gift Number 7:  USB Heated Knee Warmers

The USB Heated Knee Warmers knee warmers come with two USB cables and two battery packs, so you can wear them outdoors as well as at your desk.  Guys may not choose to wear these, but the ribbons -- which make them look a little girlie -- can be changed for different closures, which after Christmas may be a good idea for both genders.




Dec 21, 2009
by Anonymous


thanx for the great gift ideas