GIFTY Flip Book Camera Is Flipping Awesome

This camera is flipping awesome. The camera takes short bursts of GIF photos and then prints them out on Z-ink paper to be assembled into a flip book to reanimate the action. The revolutionary idea is the brain child of Jiho Jang as a part of his college thesis. The problem is that this IS just an idea, but one that needs to be brought into reality.

 GIFTY Camera Concept (You Tube Image)GIFTY Camera Concept (You Tube Image)

There is a mock-up of the camera that has made it onto a video demonstrating how the real thing would work.  The camera is also the printer that does not need ink cartridges. The photos are shot in 1 to 5 second bursts and after printing they pull apart and are clipped together. The result is a fun flip book. 

GIFTY Camera Printing (You Tube Image)GIFTY Camera Printing (You Tube Image)

Okay, so the thing looks like a giant garishly-colored packaging tape dispenser, but think of how much fun this thing would be to play with. You can take pictures of the kids and make flip books that the grandparents would be whipping out to show everyone. Sure, videos are quicker and easier, but having something tangible to hold in your hands is nice and old school. Not to mention that flip books are just plain fun.

GIFTY Camera Fllp Book (You Tube Image)GIFTY Camera Fllp Book (You Tube Image)

This guy needs to head some place like Kickstarter and get moving. I don't know about all of you, but I would be standing in line for one of these! Everyone would be getting kitty flipbooks for Christmas!

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