Gillette Goes Viral With The Hair Down There

Did the Age of Viral Advertising meet the Age of Aquarius? Does hair down there have a place in mainstream advertising?  Well Gillette seems to think so. Since mid-May when it started its ad campaign about shaving the short hairs with their Gillette Fusion razor, its YouTube video has racked up over 890,000 page views.

AdAge ranks viral campaigns according to popularity, and this week "How To Shave Your Groin - Shaving Tips From Gillette" climbed to number three on the charts. "Manscaping," is the term used to describe the delicate grooming habits of today's metrosexual which includes the shaving of the chest, back and armpits, in addition to the nether region.

Gillette Fusion's YouTube Video #3 on the charts!Gillette Fusion's YouTube Video #3 on the charts!

Spoiler Alert: as the cartoon narrator in this 1 minute video boasts: "Taking care of the hair down there certainly has its benefits...when there's no underbrush, the tree looks taller."

Michael Norton, a Gillette spokesman said the company, which is owned by consumer products giant Proctor & Gamble isn't worried about the backlash from customers due to the risque subject matter. "The metaphors we used came from our conversations with men... (and) the words were carefully chosen."

In Poland, print ads actually accompanied the video campaign. Apparently Polish men are more open than American males when it comes to clearing the bushes.

Gillette's Polish print adGillette's Polish print ad

Shandra Kehl, whois in the process of  producing a mockumentary entitled: "Manscaping," said her film research indicated that most men choose waxing over shaving below-the-belt!  After all, the mere thought of a razor down there freaks a lot of men out. Myself included!

Creating a "buzz" is one thing, and I think Gillette accomplished its goal on that front. But getting a "buzz cut" where the sun don't shine is something else entirely!
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Jun 30, 2009
by Anonymous


If you women thought we scratched enough already, you haven't seen a thing. Shaving the underbrush to make the tree seem taller will also allow for itchy weeds to grow.