Gino The Dog's Haute Design For Rich Dogs

"If you have to ask," I told my dog, "You can't afford it. So let's just look. Appreciate the beauty of the lines, how well they would fit in a rich dog's home, and move on," I said.

So, I'm not going to look at the price either. I'm just letting my readers and their dogs know that haute design for dogs is not dead, not by any means. Gaia & Gino's Gino The Dog is defining lifestyle for today's rich dogs. (Gino is Gaia's dog, a Golden Retriever with impeccable taste.)



Let's look at Gino The Dog's latest, call Wild, designed by Brandon Warren.




The porcelain, rock-inspired, sculptured Wild dog bowls are beautiful pieces of imagery. I can imagine a bed of rocks in a stream that forms an open circle where water accumulates but still flow. It is there where my dog would drink. I see that, but will he? Nevertheless, I yearn for the white, the black and the titanium-coated silver... My dog asks, "Say, did you leave me any chicken?"






Another lovely bowl design, this one by Richie Tanaka, comes in a pair of Twins. Twins would look better in my kitchen. Made of melamine, I would not have to worry about them breaking, and they have wonderful handles; how clever for a bowl! One of the Twins is white and the other can be black, or one of six bright colors. I would like the Twins as well.





Loop Dog House


Oh, this Loop Dog House, designed by Bryan McIntyre is divine. So cool for the modern home. See how the top can unsnap? The cover is faux leather and it is lined with canvas. The pillow case is washable and is filled with silicon fiber. I better not let my dog see this one; he's sleeping on the sofa now.




Look at the stunning colors that are available for the Loop Dog House.




Leg Cover Dog Toys

And, oh I wish I had these when Buddy (not a rich dog's name) was a pup! Boy, did he wreck the legs of my chairs with his fangs. They are Leg Cover Dog Toys, designed by Jennifer Yoko Olsen. Isn't that ingenious? These natural rubber hollow chewies fit right over your chair legs. Maybe if I get a new puppy...




Now, if your dog really wants to know the prices of Gino The Dog's line of dog haute designs, it so happens that Unica Home knows them and even sells the items, so point him to this link and he can learn more. Lucky, rich dog!

Gino The Dog via CoolHunting

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