Is GinzVelo The Future For Sustainable Transportation?

An inventor from Woodbridge, Virginia, says his invention is going to greatly change how we travel around  cities and suburbs.

Peter Ginzburg is the brainchild of GinzVelo, which is a human electric hybrid.

It looks just like a mini-spaceship on three wheels and can be driven on the streets and sidewalks.

“GinzVelo can move as fast as a car, looks like a spaceship, but is technically a very advanced bicycle,” says Ginzburg.

“Powered by a human and assisted with electricity, GinzVelo introduces the public to Human Electric Hybrids (HEH) and encourages a new form of travel in cities and suburbs. Although technically a very advanced bicycle, GinzVelo combines the speed of a car and look of a spaceship for a sleek alternative to travel by car in the growing age of public transport, carpools, and bike shares,” he adds.

GinzVelo: A New Way Of Traveling

GinzVelo appears to be a very safe drive. It has a strong fiberglass and foam core that is shaped like a cocoon. Of course the outer shell protects riders from the rain and snow, and it is equipped with LED lights for signaling during the day and night.

And this invention is certainly efficient. It’s small enough to park anywhere, and it is powered by a 500 Watt hub motor and 20 Amp hour lithium polymer battery. You can drive up to 100 miles at around 20 mph on a single charge without even pedaling. Normal cruising speed is about 20 to 30 miles per hour. And it weighs only 85 lbs which makes it easy to pedal for long hauls (it will go about 30 miles per hour with pedaling).

Of course this invention is great on the health front. When you use it you are far more active physically, compared to just sitting in your car stuck in traffic. As well, it’s environmentally friendly as it’s powered by a high-tech rechargeable battery and not gas.

The GinzVelo also has a back storage area where you can but your backpack and briefcase, and even a small change of clothes.

A Push Forward

The retail price for this invention is expected to be around $7,000.00 (USD). While this may sound steep, it is safe to say that it will soon be widely utilized in the cities and suburbs among commuters.

People nowadays want to find new alternatives in getting around without breaking the bank. Gas is expensive and so is public transportation – yes it all adds up. The GinzVelo is a new way of commuting and it’s healthier and environmentally friendly.

While this invention is perfect for driving on sidewalks and bike paths, how soon could we see people driving it on the road? There is no doubt that it will take a while until we see them on the road. They have to become a trend first, but this shouldn’t take that long. Keep in mind wages are going down, so it appears, and the price of everything keeps going up. Having a GinzVelo is certainly more than economical.

While there are a number of inventions out there that are similar, GinzVelo is definitely a cut above the rest. You can travel long distances with ease and it is a safe, comfortable commute and in the end more than affordable.

As Ginzburg states: “If you live in a city, then you know that owning a car is a burden, public transportation is time consuming, walking is slow, and riding a bike can be very inconvenient… That’s why I created GinzVelo.”