Girls, Get Your Geek On With Black Milk's Mass Effect Line

As I'm sure I've said on at least one occasion, the games industry is still very much a boy's club. This extends to clothing as much as it does to anything else. Don't believe me? Look around a bit. Have a peek at what passes for geeky clothing. Note, at that point; how much of that clothing is either stitched in an unflattering unisex design or very clearly printed for men alone. You might be surprised.

Black Milk is dead-set on remedying this problem.The Australian Boutique is known for a line of form-fitting geeky articles, and already features merchandise from Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, Sesame Street, and a whole host of other fandoms. Earlier this month, it expanded its repertoire with yet one more clothing line: Mass Effect. Knowing my girlfriend to be a huge Mass Effect buff, I let her in on the good news.

She'll be receiving at least three of their dresses in the near future. 

"We think the reason a lot of those kind of geeky, nerdy, really fun things work so well with us is because a lot of merchandise that you can find for this subculture is very masculine," explained Black Milk's Alex Caton in an interview with Polygon.  "There's really nothing specific for women, and this is geared to girls who love this stuff."

"We think if you're going to love something, love it passionately and wear it on your sleeve as much as possible; or your legs if you can," she added. 

The clothing line was originally conceived when Bioware approached Black Milk  after a few (presumably female) employees said they'd really love to see some Mass Effect garments. Rob de Montarnal, manager of Bioware's business development team, it seemed like a no-brainer. 

"Women make up a meaningful proportion of Mass Effect's fan-based, and we're constantly looking to offer fans new and cool products based on our franchises," he said. "When attending conferences, we noticed several of our fans wearing Black Milk leggings, they make great stuff. We felt that offering a Mass Effect line of clothes with an awesome and respected partner like Black Milk was a no-brainer. We hope our fans feel the same way." 

The first of the collections - there are presumably several more to come in the future - includes twelve items, including several Normandy-themed dresses and leggings. Sorry, ladies- there's no Garrus quite yet. I'm assuming he'll be making an appearance in the near future, however: given his popularity, it simply doesn't make sense for Black Milk to neglect him. 

 Of course, there's no guarantee as to when we'll be seeing the next set of Mass Effect garments hit shelves, either. 

"We are extremely perfectionist with our designs," explained Caton. "James, the creator of Black Milk, is very particular. Basically, we have set ourselves to a really high standard. If we look at something and go, 'you know, that line isn't completely flattering, we can do better on this;' we'll scrap it and try again and hopefully make it as perfect as it can possibly be."

"We would absolutely love to do another release," she added. "I know the graphics team is really excited about it, they are really into the game as well, so they are really excited about potentially doing more stuff. If we did do another release we would be looking at doing some original artwork from our illustrators and graphic designers...we're just looking forward to continuing our work with video games and really putting some awesome gear out there for women in video game culture."