Girls, There Is A Bra That Opens Only For Your True Love

True love is a concept without a biological background, as there is no way of (biologically) knowing for sure if a given person is a right fit for us. However, it is a biological fact that love provokes changes in our body, like accelerated heart rate and respiration, those "butterflies" in our belly, and so on.

Ravijour, a Japanese lingerie company, has developed a new bra that does not unhook like the regular bras. In fact, it only unhooks when the woman is in the presence of her "true love", this is, someone that rocks her world.

The bra, baptized as "True Love Tester", has some biometric monitors incorporated, which collect and send biometric data to the bra's official app. The bra unhooks at the front, but it seems almost impossible to crack unless it opens the way it is supposed to.

When the app detects the woman's biometric went over established levels, it sends a signal (by Bluetooth, the same medium used by the monitors to communicate with the app) to the bra in order to unhook it.

In order to avoid confusions with other "heart pounding" activities, the app can distinguish the "love" heart-rate from jogging, shopping, watching scary movies and so on. However, the unhooking of this bra is quite dramatic - probably because it was designed by men.

This bra has already become quite controversial, as some people are comparing its effects to the ones of a chastity belt. Nonetheless, I think this is a quite funny idea and, who knows, may be adapted in order to protect women from rapists, for example. In the video below you have the presentation of the True Love Tester bra, in which you can see it in action:

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Source: The Guardian