Creates Walking Billboards With Their Free T-Shirt Directory

At a glance, may seem like an inane business idea, but its model is really aimed at connecting businesses looking to expand their marketing perspective towards a target audience, to individuals who like to wear free stuff. Want a free t-shirt? Read on!










Currently, Gitchers directory service is available only to residents of the United States for ease of shipping. The concept is pretty simple; you create an account and choose the free t-shirt from their listings that you hope to receive for yourself or your dog.

Unfortunately, the site doesn't allow you to browse through their selections without creating an account, so it's not quite like shopping. In order to maintain effective branding, the companies in the directory offering up their t-shirts want people to be in search of their product specifically. Users who sign up are only able to request one t-shirt at a time, and are put on a waiting list based on how well they fit the criteria of the target audience, and where they fall in line.

In order to get a grasp of businesses t-shirt donation criteria, Gitchers requires that those looking to give away their t-shirts fill out a questionnaire that includes who the t-shirt is for, category, age, gender, city and state. If at least 100 members meet their criteria, companies are encouraged to move forward with the t-shirt creation process which Gitchers organizes.

Businesses can create their t-shirts by selecting from the two styles available both for dogs and humans and uploading their logo, graphics and desired layout. Of course, since this is a main source of Gitchers' revenue, companies are encouraged to order as few or preferably, as many t-shirts as they'd like.

For businesses looking to expand their marketing initiatives, Gitchers offers a unique approach in niche marketing. For those who just like free stuff, they get the opportunity at the sacrifice of promoting the brand.