Giugiaro Frazer Nash Concept May Become World's Fastest Hybrid

It seems as though the title of "World's Fastest Hybrid" has become one of the most sought after bragging rights across the globe. It started with a battle over fuel efficiency, but then slowly but surely it has become a race to see who can make the fastest eco-friendly people mover on the market. It seems as though this kind of competition has brought about some new contenders as well, in the form of the Giugiaro Frazer Nash Concept.

While this is still a concept, the engineers at Giugiaro are claiming a top speed of a very specific 186 mph. It's not clear if they are basing this on a computer model or if it was a spur of the moment estimation, but if the Frazer Nash Concept can hit such speeds it could put the pressure on the people over at Shelby Supercars working on the Ultimate Aero EV.

Outside of top speed they are planning on reaching, not much is known about the new concept. The official release to the public is set to kick off at next month's Geneva Motor Show, where it will be competing with the Rinspeed iChange in the electric sports car category.