7 Dog Wheelchairs And Mobility Aids To Help Your Dog Move

Does your dog need help walking or moving around? 

Whether your dog has suffered injuries requiring leg amputation, an illness or arthritis has weakened his legs so that his movements are restricted, you may want to look into some of the mobility aids available to help your dog stand up, walk, and accomplish tasks that improve his lifestyle.  From dog wheelchairs to simple cloth binders and floor gripping boots, these 7 mobility aids should be able to help your dog enjoy life more fully.


1.  Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

 Walkin' Wheels (rear) Dog WheelchairWalkin' Wheels (rear) Dog Wheelchair


The Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair is one of the more popular wheelchairs for dogs that have lower back and or hind leg weakness, amputation, or rear leg amputation.  The wheels can actually substitute for your dog's legs, if paralyzed, while she ambles or runs around. It is fully adjustable for height and length and comes in several sizes, from extra extra small to extra extra large, and in pink and blue. Just watch how these dogs have adjusted to their Walkin' Wheels....


It warms your heart, doesn't it?  The rear wheelchair made by Walkin' Wheels is available in all sizes from Amazon.com.


2. K9 Carts Rear Wheelchair For Dogs


K9 Cart (rear) Dog WheelchairK9 Cart (rear) Dog Wheelchair


Similar to the Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair, the K9 Cart provides support for dogs with lower back or rear leg disabilities.  The two designs are very similar, and although the K9 Cart doesn't come in as many sizes (extra small to large) as the Walkin Wheels Wheelchair, it does appear to accommodate all but very large dogs.  Sizing your dog according to the chart is very important.

Here's 'Megan,' who, with degenerative myelopathy, would not be able to walk steadily without her K9 Cart.

" K9 Carts can accommodate front wheels on their wheelchairs for dogs that have front leg weakness.  These are available on the K9 Carts website.  

3.  Custom Made Pet Wheelchairs By Eddie's Wheels


"Roosevelt" in his front wheel Eddie's Wheelchair: Photo: Eddie's Wheelchairs"Roosevelt" in his front wheel Eddie's Wheelchair: Photo: Eddie's Wheelchairs


Eddie and his wife, Leslie, have been caregivers for disabled dogs and other pets for 20 years and Eddie's Wheels custom made wheelchairs have been supporting their beloved pets and those of others throughout the world for almost as long.  The designs, all created and made by Eddie, a mechanical engineer by trade, are made for pets with back leg, front leg, or four-leg disabilities. 

Here, a little dog with no front legs gets his new Eddie's Wheelchair and learns how to use it....



Eddie's wheelchairs are all supported by custom-made, non-irritating padded saddles that fit under your dog's pelvis.  A quadriplegic dog would also be supported by a breathable, sturdy mesh harness.  A headrest might also be desired, as seen below....


Eddie's Wheels, Quad Dog Wheelchair: Photo: Eddie's WheelsEddie's Wheels, Quad Dog Wheelchair: Photo: Eddie's Wheels

The benefits of having a custom-made cart accrue for dogs and other pets whose disabilities are profound, and Eddie has been able to accommodate most with adaptations that can bring a fuller, happier, more participatory life to them. Visit Eddie's Wheels.


4. GingerLead Dog Support And Rehabilitation Harness


GingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation HarnessGingerLead Dog Support & Rehabilitation Harness


When my dog suffered a stroke a few years ago, I couldn't be without a GingerLead.  These bands are great for lifting your dog up on her feet when there is paralysis or weakness in her back or one or more legs.  Once on her feet you can get her placed in a wheelchair, or, if a wheelchair is not needed, you can use the GingerLead to keep her stable as she walks.  The important thing to know about the GingerLead and similar bands, is that they are primarily for lifting from a sitting or lying position to a standing position and to give the dog stability as she walks.  They are not intended to be a dog's full support system. For that, you need a wheelchair.

And don't worry, you won't have to break your back to provide support for a small dog!  Look at this!


GingerLead for small dogGingerLead for small dog


The Gingerleads come in several sizes and are fitted for males and females.


GingerLead size chartGingerLead size chart


Getting the proper size is very important in ordering a lift or a wheelchair for your dog.  You can find the right GingerLead here.


5. Solvit CareLift Pet Lifting Aid


 Solvit CareLift Pet Lifting AidSolvit CareLift Pet Lifting Aid


Solvit's Pet Lifting Aid targets the front and back of your dog's body with two strap lifts, one for each 'end.'  The neat thing about this 'Carelift' system is that you can use them both together or just one at a time, so as your dog's recovery progresses, you can detach that part of the harness. Again, these harness-type mobility aids are used for lifting and balance, not for total support of your dog.  You can purchase the Solvit Lifting Aid as a set, or you can buy the back harness separately.


6. Ultra Paws 'Durable' Dog Boots


Ultra Paws Durable Dog BootsUltra Paws Durable Dog Boots


I'm not a big fan of dog boots, but the 'Durable' boot by Ultra Paws is the best I've come across.  Dog boots (They come in sets of four.) should never be worn unless necessary.  So if your dog slips easily and needs the grip of a boot to keep him aloft and walking around,  I recommend the Durables primarily for inside of your home if you have areas where your home is not carpeted.  If your pup is allergic to grass or has sensitive feet, dry feet, or needs to walk in potentially harmful areas, he should also wear these boots when outdoors. The boots should not be kept on at all times; dogs feet need to breathe.

I recommend the Ultra Paws 'Durable' Boots because they have the most texture on the sole and they stay on your dogs' feet better than others I've tried.  The boots are awkward to put on in the beginning, but you and your dog will get used to them. Sizing is important, so follow the sizing information carefully.


7.   Wiggleless® Dog Back Brace
Wiggleless® Dog Back Brace: Photo: Wiggleless.comWiggleless® Dog Back Brace: Photo: Wiggleless.com

Several dog breeds, like the Doxie on the right, are prone to getting 'bad backs.' Whether it's because they are wigglers or because of their structure, an injury, or old age, dogs' backs may need some support and stability.  That's was Wiggleless is for!

The Wiggleless snuggly keeps your dog's back in alignment and 'curbs his enthusiasm' for wiggling just enough! Oh, you'll still see the grin on his face and his tail wagging when he sees you, but his back will be kept in check.

Instructions for sizing and fitting are all on the Wiggleless website.


Of course there may be other types of special needs a senior or injured dog has, but the aids listed above will help get your dog mobile and you'll both be happy that he or she can spend more time with you.


That's the buzz for today!


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