Give Your Valentine A Bronzed Sculpture Of Your Anus This Year


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and people are scrambling for unique, creative gift ideas for their significant others.  What could be more unique and creative than a bronze sculpture of your anus?

So you want the perfect gift to symbolize the deep intimacy between you and your partner.  I think deep and intimate are the perfect words to describe British artist Magnus Irvin’s anus art.

Since 2006, Irvin has been selling chocolates shaped like anuses which you can purchase from  For $38.95 you can buy 5 boxes, but why stop there when you can buy 10 boxes for $72.95?  Each box holds three assorted chocolates titled “tight white”, “meek milk”, and “dilated dark”.  Keep in mind that if you’re shipping these cheeky confections to a warm country you can purchase an insulated cool box for $5.60 to ensure your anuses won’t melt or leak.


“But whose anuses would I be eating if I bought said chocolate?” you might ask?  If you read the About Us page on, you’ll find out that Irvin first tried to make a cast of his own anus with “messy and disastrous results”.  After talking about the ordeal with an acquaintance at a bus stop, the woman agreed to let Irvin cast her anus and that cast is what has been used ever since to make the chocolate anuses.

Having been in the chocolate anus business for a while, Irvin reportedly wanted to move onto something else, and so began the new art of bronze anus sculptures.  

Irvin’s bronzed anus sculptures are said to run around $1,900 if you want a personal casting (which is a small price to pay to be able to say “I love you” with such depth), or you can buy someone else's anus here for $285.

How does the process of getting your anus bronzed go?  Blogger Alexi Duggins explains the process:

“As I prepare to have my own cast made, I’m handed a pot of Vaseline and told: ‘Go and grease your arse.’ A quick trip to the loo later, I’m pointed to a medical-style couch and made to lie on my back and curl my knees towards my face in a position that’s part gymnastic accident, part nightmarish Customs and Excise investigation…Irvin vanishes behind me with a jug full of the same alginate gel that dentists use to make moulds of your mouth…Suddenly my bumhole feels very, very cold…I lie there, waiting for it to solidify. Soon it’s time to see what we’ve got. ‘This may feel a little creepy,’ says Irvin, and there’s a weird sensation of custard being scooped out of my backside.”

Since Duggins, alternative model “Rayna Terror”, too, has gotten her anus bronzed and posted the experience on YouTube.

Magnus Irvin’s other website showcases his glass anus creations (even ones that light up), and “Poo cards” which he also sells on the aforementioned site amongst even more interesting gifts like silver anus sculptures.

And there you have it, the gift to top all other gifts: bronze anus sculptures and edible anus chocolates made from a mold of another person’s privates.  You can thank me thoroughly in the comment section below.

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Feb 10, 2015
by Serena Dorman
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 I see what you did there.

 I see what you did there.

Serena Dorman

Funny Gal Extraordinaire

Feb 26, 2015
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