Give Yourself A Massage With These Rumble Roller Handheld Products

Rumble Roller Beastie Bar And Beastie HookRumble Roller Beastie Bar And Beastie Hook

Massage. That word is music to an athlete's ears. Actually, it's a pretty sweet sounding word to anyone. However, not everyone has the time or cash for regular massages. Still, with foam rollers and handheld massage equipment, like the Beastie Bar and Beastie Hook, from Rumble Roller, you can work out muscle stiffness and soreness on your own.

Studies have shown that foam rollers improve range of motion and they enhance recover after strenuous exercise. The idea with the rollers is to work and manipulate the muscle. Handheld rollers and massage balls offer the same advantages of a regular roller, just in a smaller size. 

Beastie BarBeastie Bar

The Beastie Bar is a handheld stick roller that is the perfect size for your gym bag. Of course, it offers the same advantages of traditional stick rollers, but it uses a pair of X-Firm Beasties, which can go deeper into the muscle and manipulate it more (sold separately). It also comes with a pair of detachable stands that allow you to roll hands free. 

Beastie HookBeastie Hook

Also utilizing the X-Firm Beasties is the Beastie Hook. This little gizmo is the offspring of a back scratcher and a twisted up coat hanger. Use it to work hard to reach muscles, like the back and shoulders. Made of solid steel, this product is durable. 

Both the Beastie Bar and Beastie Hook can be found on Amazon. The Bar will set you back about $60 and the Hook around $30. Now, you can get a foam roller for less, however both of these products have the added advantage of being portable. You can't really bring your foam roller along in many gym bags. So, if you're in the market for a handheld massage gizmo, the Beastie Bar and Beastie Hook may be two products worth looking into. 

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