Give Fashionable Fabric Fan Dust Covers A Whirl!

If your freestanding electric fan blows accumulated dust around the room every time it's turned on, a fashionable fabric dust cover will keep the fan clean while adding some designer dash to your room decor.

It's something you've likely never thought of but now that you know it, you'll never forget it: the dust, debris and dander that lands on your freestanding oscillating fan between uses gets blasted far and wide every time you turn on your fan! The horror!

This is a big deal in China where (a) central air conditioning or window air conditioners aren't as common as they are here, and (b) there's significantly more air pollution, especially in the larger cities.

Someone saw the need for a cheap and effective fan cover and just as if they had invented a better mousetrap, the world (or the Chinese-speaking part of it, at least) has beaten a path to their door.

Taobao seller LC Shop is one of several distributors offering fashionable fabric fan dust covers at their online sales websites - Chinese language only, sorry. Priced at around 4.90 yuan or under one U.S. dollar, the covers somewhat resemble oversized (45cm or 18” in diameter) shower caps and fit on your fan in pretty much the same style – that is, if one were to wear a shower cap over their face. Freaky! 

Choose from four designs: tan with cute bears, pink with black spots, pink with black spots or red with white cute bears and flowers. Sorry gents, there don't appear to be any masculine designs available... not that there's anything wrong with that.