The DVD Stereo Luxury Bathtub From Baden Bath

Do you know someone who loves to soak for hours in a hot bathtub? If you do, I think I've found the gift that keeps on giving...



It's the DVD Bathtub from Baden Bath, a company that knows how to provide luxury to bathers. With its built-in DVD player, digital stereo system (remote control, of course) and mini wine bar, Baden Bath provides a pretty complete entertainment center for the bath.  All you need is $12,700 and a remote control lock on the bathroom door.

The bathtub is 6.25 feet long and wide and just over two feet in depth, easily fitting two adults and two little kids (if you don't happen to get that remote control door-lock). The tub has a wide headrest, a waterfall faucet that is adjustable and removable, and 10 spa jets!  Oh, the DVD Bathtub even self-cleans....

And guess what else? Water never gets cold in the DVD Bathtub, unless you want it to. Baden has equipped this luxury bath with a water heater to keep the temperature at one's personal best.

It's very likely that one's skin would turn prunish before getting to enjoy all of these bathtub  accessories but for a true bath lover (or two lovers) ... a fabulous gift!


Feb 4, 2010
by Anonymous

The beautiful spa!

This spa is the greatest thing I have ever used, even my kids love it, they use it all the time!