Give As Good As You Get With GiftFlow

“To receive everything, one must open one's hands and give.” - Taisen Deshimaru

Those who make a habit of it will tell you that there is no greater gift than giving. And anyone who spends any time in thrift stores or yard sales will tell you how thrilling it is to find that special thing they didn't even know they needed.
Now you can enjoy the pleasure of giving and the thrill of receiving at one place online. GiftFlow is based on "An Economy of Giving," which is a strange concept to most of us who hear the term 'economy' almost entirely in connection with money.

It's simple, yet still a little difficult to get your head around. This is not a barter site - it's not about trading or swapping one thing for another. It's totally intended for circular giving - which means you give solely for the sake of giving, as you have no idea who will end up with what you have to offer, or what they'll do with it. Similarly, if there is something listed on the site that you want, you take it, no questions asked.

Well, there is one kind of question (of sorts). Each user has a profile that lists everything you've given and received, which should help ensure that users do make an effort to give as good as they get. 

And it's not just for individuals. The GiftFlow team are reaching out to organizations that have a lot of stuff to get rid of, in order to help distribute it to those who could use it. They want to create "a giant network of reciprocity," which simply has to be a good thing. Even better, if this idea gets off the ground (it's currently in the Alpha stage of development), it's going to help keep a lot of things out of the landfill, and ensure that things are reused to their fullest potential. 

That's a plus for your hip pocket and the environment: as they say in this video, it's "a free and sustainable alternative to the consumer economy":