Give It A Rest: Bamboo Kitchen Utensils

People who live in small apartments and mobile homes don't always have a lot of room for little extras -- sometimes not even a spoon rest. Even when you do have room for a spoon rest, they can get pretty Give It A Rest Bamboo Kitchen Utensils by BambuGive It A Rest Bamboo Kitchen Utensils by Bambumessy. The answer can be found in these great Give It A Rest utensils. Each one comes with a built in spoon rest.

These special utensils are made out of organic bamboo instead of wood making them a green choice as well as a clean choice. One of the unique things about bamboo is the nodes that occur on the stalk. The patented design makes natural use of the node to create the spoon rest feature. The rest keeps the utensil head from touching surfaces to keep the surface clean and prevents the head from picking up unwanted bacteria.

Give It A Rest Bamboo Kitchen Utensils by BambuGive It A Rest Bamboo Kitchen Utensils by BambuThese utensils are designed and produced by a company called Bambu in Portland, Oregon. They have designed a whole line of products for the kitchen and dining room that use materials like bamboo and cork for maximum sustainability.

Bambu also makes cutting boards, bowls, flatware, canisters, tongs, clothespins, plates, coasters, candle holders, and many other items. They also offer a product called Bamboo Goo to help keep all of your bamboo, cork, and wood products looking great and in good working condition. The goo is made of natural beeswax, carnauba wax, and food-safe ingredients derived from vegetables to recondition these materials so that they will serve you well for many years.

Other Kitchen Utensils by BambuOther Kitchen Utensils by Bambu

To help keep the utensils in top condition it is also best that they are hand washed and dried. 

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