Give Me A Tap: Eco-Friendly Drinking Options That Supports The Water Crisis

A new business concept that has been more commonly appearing in cities around the world as a public water sharing program. In order to encourage tourists and city dwellers to stop purchasing bottled water and help the environment, these programs offer convenience. 

Give Me a TapGive Me a Tap

Give Me a Tap is like other local drinking water programs, with one major twist. Catering to Manchester, England residents and visitors, users of the program purchase a reusable bottle and receive a map of participating businesses. The local businesses will allow people to come in off the street to have their water bottles refilled straight from the tap as frequently as they'd like. The business currently offers 31 locations for people to fill up on water, and the major catch is that 70% of the profits made go towards helping with the world's water crisis. Consumers who use their business service can drink up while knowing they're giving those less fortunate the same opportunity. 

Via: Springwise