Give A Solution That Is A Cut Above The Competition To Win €4.000 From The Pöttinger Engineering Contest!

European farm equipment producer Pöttinger is looking for help, and if you can revamp one of their existing harvesting tools to slice plants in a neat and orderly manner, you’ll walk away with a nice cash prize for thinking outside of the box!

With factories and product labs located in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, and decades of creating innovative harvesting machines and tools for European farmers, Pöttinger is a pretty big deal. This agriculture icon is reaching out to creative and mechanically inclined minds from around the world to solve a common issue with their crop harvesting techniques.

If you’ve ever mowed a lawn with a bag attachment, you may have noticed that the grass is an unruly, clumpy mess when you empty the bag. Pöttinger wants someone to present an idea that will result in nice, orderly and above all else evenly cut stacks of freshly sliced plant material.

For providing the key to mechanically slashing grass, hay and straw into manageable and arranged segments, the judges for the Pöttinger Engineering Contest are prepared to award €4.000 to the best idea, with €2.000 and €1.000 going to the second and third best ideas.

After you’ve developed your ultimate harvesting idea, get your presentation together and submit it by clicking here. You’ve got until June 6th to pitch your idea to Pöttinger, so if you’re a wiz with machines and love to solve problems, give the Pöttinger Engineering Contest a shot. After all, there are only 47 entries in the running at the moment, and who couldn’t use an extra €4.000? (That’s $5,186 USD!)

Now get off your grass and invent something amazing!

Source: The Pöttinger Engineering Contest