Hold Me, Hug Me, Touch Me... The HeartBeans Coffee Grinder

You are not, by far, the only one who can't survive without your morning coffee. But is your love of that bring-me-into-the-world-of- the-living cup of coffee strong enough to power a coffee grinder with your heart?

Students at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem designed the above exquisite wood sculpture coffee grinder. Named HeartBeans, sure enough it's intended to be powered by your heart. Not only is the grind dependent on your heartbeats, but they must be reinforced by holding and stroking the coffee grinder the way you would hold or stroke a baby, or a pet, or other loved one. In this way, HeartBeans promises ultimate fulfillment from your coffee -- a truly spiritual, symbiotic relationship with it.

This short commercial for HeartBeans shows you how it works:



Alas, the HeartBeans coffee grinder is just a design for now, one which, in fact, was created as a commentary on the devotion that our culture has to things, as opposed to persons.

Well, I don't know about you, but my family and friends are more important than anything in my life, particularly after I've had a great cup of morning coffee.

via Gizmodo