Give This Wind-up Eco Flashlight a Spin to Let it Shine

The BunBun Eco Light employs a novel way of recharging its batteries: instead of tiresomely winding a lever, you whip it around like a New Year's Eve noisemaker or even better, like Napoleon Dynamite sharpening up his awesome nunchuck skills. Gosh!

Employing kinetic energy may take a bit of muscle power but unlike passive solar cells, this lean, mean, green lighting machine can be used anytime, day or night, indoors or out.

This makes it ideal for hiking and camping where you can also exercise your mad bowhunting skills. OK, enough Napoleon Dynamite references, just couldn't resist. Love that flick. Where was I?

Oh, right... the BunBun Eco Light is manufactured by Japan's Landport Co., and comes in your choice of pink, green, purple or black. Here's a short video posted by the nice folks at Japan Trend Shop showing the BunBun Eco Light in action:

Well now, wasn't that er, enlightening? Now for the specs. The BunBun Eco Light measures 140 x 40mm (about 5.6” x 1.6”) and its case is made from tough ABS plastic. It weighs just 97 grams (almost 3.5 oz) and its bulb is formed from a trio of white LED lights.


The BunBun Eco Light also has two carrying straps in contrasting colors. Groovy, baby! Last but not least, though the instructions are in Japanese they're profusely illustrated and hey.. it's not rocket science, people! Get it at Japan Trend Shop for $57 plus shipping.

Feb 19, 2012
by Anonymous


So you don't actually need electricity to recharge the battery. Cool!