Give Your Dog A Seat At The Table With The Pet High Chair


Begging is such an unseemly behavior for a house dog, don't you think?  They sit at your feet, erect, ears alert, panting, just waiting for a sign. And if you happen to inadvertently look slightly to the right, or slightly to the left, depending on where they are sitting, they think you've given them the sign and get all shaky and antsy and whiny, waiting for you to drop the food - into their mouths, on the floor, they don't really care how they get it.  But you promised!

It's a terrible scene and you've just been conned into giving Roland or Trisha some bits of food from your table, which is very bad for man and dog.  

Pet Gear has the perfect solution to begging dogs: give them a seat at the table - sorry, only if they weigh 10 pounds or less. Yes, the Pet High Chair would not be at all practical for a Rottweiler.  But look at this Papillon!  Doesn't she look right at home at the table?  And with ice cream and cookies for dessert, no less!


The Pet High ChairThe Pet High Chair


The Pet High Chair easily clips right onto your table if it's less than 2 inches thick, and you can adjust the height too if you want her to be at eye level. The powder-coated steel tubing is rubber-coated to protect your table and the 600-denier nylon fabric washes off easily in case Trisha has a spill or a barf somewhere. And you can relax, Trisha won't climb on the table, because you can tether her into the chair!

The Pet High Chair folds conveniently for storage or travel. You never know, your in-laws might also enjoy eye contact with Trisha at dinner.

They say the Pet High Chair may be used for cats too, but that's doubtful to me, unless you tranquilize the cat.   But for your 10-pounds-or less-dog, it should be perfect!  One size only from


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Apr 8, 2010
by Anonymous

Pet chair is good for desks too

I can see this. Working at my desk with too many little dogs on my lap and computer..the kitty bed that attaches to my desk is too shallow for the dog. This would be a nice way to keep them nearby while keeping them off the papers. I like it. I want one.