Give Your Face A Workout With The FaceTrainer

The FaceTrainer is an interesting anti-aging product that promises to reduce sagging and wrinkles and improve skin tone and color.  It is basically a face mask that is meant to be worn for approximately 10 minutes a day.  Users are reported to experience improvement in their skin tone and texture after 30 days of consistent use.   The idea behind the device is to cause resistance to the facial muscles during a series of movements, thereby strengthening the muscles and making them more toned.

Very much the way that one would train other parts of the body at the gym, the FaceTrainer is supposed to be used as a work-out device.  There are people who practice regular facial exercise as part of their anti-aging routine, but whether or not this gadget will actually increase the results of these kinds of practices is hard to say.
If you have some extra money to spend on beauty treatments this may be worth a try.  At least this practice is non-invasive.  One note: you should probably wait until you are home alone to do your ‘training’ time each day so that you avoid terrifying the children or your significant other.  I also would not answer the door while wearing the device unless you want the neighbours to think you are in to some kinky stuff. (Buy here)

Source: MyNoNoNo