Give Your iPhone a Vintage Look With This Retro iPhone Case

It's black, it's huge, and it has an antenna. But no, it isn't an old cellphone unit from the eighties. It's actually a quirky case for your iPhone that will make your high-tech device look decades old, instantly.

If you're bored with the usual iPhone cases floating around in shops and on the web then this is probably for you. I see it mostly as a novelty product considering that it's too bulky for everyday use but it definitely gets a lot of points in my book for creativity. Don't you agree?

These cases are made by I Want One of Those with the following description on the company's website:

"The 80s are officially back in fashion, and it's now gone as far as the technology you use. iPhones might be the pinnacle of modern technology, but this 80s Retro Phone allows you to turn it into a classic, brick-style phone direct from the 80s. It's as retro as Marty McFly's trainers (but considerably more functional) and still allows you to use all your iPhone's normal functions."



The manufacturer also lists the following features for the case:

While it's fun and good for a few solid laughs, I doubt that this will become your permanent go-to case for your iPhone but it definitely will be something fun to have.

The 80's retro iPhone case is available at Amazon and I Want One of Those.


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