Give Your Kids a Boost With Kaboost!

Is your young child totally over his highchair and ready to move on with life? Give your kids a boost with Kaboost !

Let’s face it. Kids hate highchairs. All little ones want is the opportunity to feel big, and their vertical challenges often stand in the way between them and freedom. Now with Kaboost, you and your frustrated kiddo can reach a compromise. Kaboost is a portable chair booster that is able to raise the height of a typical dining room chair so that your family’s smallest diner can feel like a grown up at dinner time.

Kaboost fits a wide variety of chairsKaboost fits a wide variety of chairs

It easily snaps onto any standard chair, and can hold up to 300 lbs. in weight, far surpassing what your child needs and adding to their safety. Best of all, it stays attached when you move the chair around, allowing you to scoot your child wherever they need to go, without having to worry about attaching or reattaching.

Kaboost is especially good if you have more than one child, as you better believe that younger sibling is anxious to catch up to big brother or sister. Now they don’t have to feel like a baby as the Kaboost helps raise them up toward equality!

Shorty no more!Shorty no more!

Kaboost can be purchased through their official website and at Amazon

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