Give Your Leads A Place to “Land”

A landing page is an important tool that is much more than just a “place holder” in your online empire. If you do not have a landing page, you may be missing out on the opportunity to engage your audience. Here are a few of the more important reasons why you should be using a landing page in your business:

Lead capture – if you are not gathering names and email addresses, you are losing out on the chance to interact with targeted customers in the future. They came to your page for a reason, but they may never return. If they are required to provide their email address to you in order to enter your site or obtain something of value for free, you can use that information to contact them in the future with new offers or information that may interest them.

If you are not building a list from day one, then you are missing out on an important opportunity to send information to people who you know are already interested in what you have to say. It is important to communicate in the right way, so be sure that you let subscribers know how many emails they can expect to receive from you as well as what kind of content you will be sending. If people do not receive related and targeted content as they expect, they will quickly unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Campaign effectiveness – you simply have no idea how your campaigns are doing unless you are using landing pages. Each campaign you run should have its own landing page which is set up with the appropriate analytical tools. Analytical tools allow you to check the strength of each campaign and to make changes as necessary. Analytical tools can gauge every aspect of your page from which pictures people look at, to what content they spend time reading. First impressions are important with landing pages, so it is important to decide on a single message and then concentrate on its most effective delivery.

Headquarters for each Campaign – your campaign needs a place to “reside” and you are providing that by using a separate landing page for each campaign that you run. If you are using pay per click to drive traffic to your landing page, you want to ensure that the landing page is directly relevant to the ad that you are using in your pay per click campaign. The address of the page, the content of the page and the keywords on that same page all need to be linked inextricably, all delivering the same message for a single campaign. Relevance and good content are the two most important ways to engage your audience. People do not want to look for information regarding one topic and then be directed to a page that does not contain even a single paragraph regarding that topic.

A landing page does not have to be complicated or extravagant, but it does need to convey some very basic information. Do not make people hunt for your contact information or wonder why they have arrived on your page. Make it abundantly clear that you are the authority on the topic that they are seeking information on and you will have a dedicated audience who want to hear more of what you have to say.

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