Giving Birth Via Balloon? Great Idea?

Patent# US 6843251 allows for the practice of childbirth on a balloon. Experienced mothers can master the art of twisting their baby with the help of the Balloon for Preparing for and Easing Human Birth that dates back to 2005. Whatever makes this difficult process easier must be lauded, but what this invention can do remains a moot point. The way it sort of works is that the balloon is partly located inside the vagina of the pregnant woman. When inflated, the balloon causes the orifice of the birth canal to dilate in a manner similar to that caused by the emerging head of a baby.




Does practice make perfect? Well, maybe in most things, but childbirth? One can only suppose the birth canal improves and becomes smoother with use, but would it then logically follow that if it isn’t used, it will be somehow be sent to the region of the lost? After all, a balloon by any other name is still a balloon, and no matter how pretty, isn’t considered a baby even to another balloon.

Pregnancy and childbirth are wonders of nature that have been a source of inspirations to inventors down through time. Read “Great Invention Idea? Birth by Centrifugal Force.” and “Study Finds Hairspray May Cause Genital Birth Defect”.

The Balloon for Preparing for and Easing Human Birth may be just the thing for some but no one has asked the balloons how they feel about this.

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Apr 11, 2009
by Anonymous

No way

That is horrible. Practice may lead to perfection, but this doesn't need to be perfect. I think I did just fine with a only a child birthing class, thank you. Not to mention the risk of infection or complication with using this product is not worth the risk to your baby.