Giving A Hand To Clean Air

Between carbon dioxide, dust, and sulfur dioxide, the air around us can get pretty polluted. In New York we emit as much as 149,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a day. What about dust? We know there's a lot of that too. What about sulfur dioxide, well there's about 60,000 tons of that a year in New York. Now, imagine walking around this great city, all the time breathing in all that polluted air. But here is where we seem to have found some hope. Alexandr Kostin of Hand Tree developed a viable solution that would filter the air in your personal space as you walked around the city, or wherever you are and constantly scrub the CO2, SO2 and the dust particles out and blow the fresh air towards you.

The Hand Tree, as its called, because you wear it on your hand, well, wrist to be precise uses rechargeable batteries to power. It has an activated carbon filter to absorb the pollution and blow the air towards you so that you have some fresh clean air coming your way as you go about your day. You even have the option of placing a scent cartridge in so that the fresh air you generate on your wrist is mildly scented by the time it reaches you. It's an amazing way to verify that it's your purified air that's reaching you.

The goal is to have as many people as possible wear it so that a city's pollution level can be literally tackled by every single person who wears it. The wrist unit has an indicator that shows the level of pollution in the surrounding area and can you imagine if all 1.6 million people in Manhattan wore one of these, how much cleaner the air could get? We all get to dream, but some dreamers actually get to work and they come up with things like the Hand Tree. Alexandr Kostin was one of those people who didn't allow a good idea to go to waste.