Gizmodo Gallery Gives Geeks Gadget Goosebumps

Gizmodo, the Internet's premiere gadget guide is hosting the second annual Gizmodo Gallery. The gallery, which opened today in New York City and closes September 27, is totally interactive, but it's not online.  It's live!  And its collection of one-of-a-kind original gadgets are every geek's wet dream.

Watch a giant 3D Etch a Sketch with a custom 3D motion controller...




Or woof down a few pancakes from the continuous running pancake machine. They're free!




 And, you MUST see Tom Gerhardt's Mud Tub... What an interface!



Watch... You won't believe it!



Does anyone remember this vintage Walkman?


photo credit: Sabo/Daily Newsphoto credit: Sabo/Daily News


Maybe this one?



More gadget history!



There are dozens more incredibly geeky gadgets that you have never seen (or heard of) before. If you're in Manhattan and you're a geek, get thee to the Gizmodo Gallery, this year housed at 267 Elizabeth Street.   FREE ADMISSION!

Here's the schedule:

Wednesday, September 23 through Friday, September 25
12noon – 8pm
- Main Gallery
- Opening Day features Laser Etching ($25 a laptop, $5 a gadget)

Friday, September 25
- Public Party, with prizes

Saturday, September 26
11am – 8pm
- Main Gallery

Saturday, September 26
9pm - Live DJ set by Music Director Jason Bentley, KCRW, 100% independently funded radio station

Sunday, September 27
11am – 6pm
- Main Gallery, Daily News, Tom Gerhardt