Glass Audio Speakers? With Soundpod, That's An Affirmative!

Glass Audio Speakers? With Soundpod, That's An Affirmative!: Turn almost any surface into a wireless speakerGlass Audio Speakers? With Soundpod, That's An Affirmative!: Turn almost any surface into a wireless speaker


Are you one of these people who has to have the latest in technology? Do you prefer things sleek, streamlined and modern? Maybe you abhor the thought of wires dangling everywhere? If you answered yes to any of these queries or maybe even all of them, then Pro Display’s Soundpod is probably for you. What is it? Soundpod is an audio device that creates speakers out of resonant surfaces like glass, wood and drywall “offering the ultimate invisible sound source.” Want to hear more? Read on.


Soundpods perform through an energizing principle by sending audio frequency waves across both sides of a chosen surface. Doing this has the effect of producing a non-directional, diffused sound that uniformly fills the space you’re using them in. In short, whichever resonant surface you choose to direct the unit at turns into a cool wireless speaker. You just attach the small, unobtrusive device to almost any surface via screws or that GripEEZ stuff you see on TV, point and viola! You’ve turned a window into a wireless speaker.

Wireless Speakers

Besides home use, the Soundpod could have a myriad of business applications. While the company uses the example of turning a store window into a speaker for “capturing the attention of passers by and delivering that all important message direct to their ears,” you could adapt it to your own business as well. This entire concept allows you to skip drilling holes in walls and ceiling for wires or trying to tack them discreetly out of view for a cleaner, neater look. It could also spare you a lawsuit from someone tripping over wires or rugs attempting to conceal them.

Window Speakers

The idea of getting as much bang for your buck with store windows has really expanded in recent years. If you’re a small business owner oftentimes storefront windows are your best shot at attracting business. With a product like this, you can do so much more with them than the traditional uses people have been putting them to throughout the centuries. For home use, your friends will be envious of your cutting-edge audio technology. If this appeals to you, no doubt you’ve already got Amazon Echo’s Alexa.


Soundpod Speaker Kit: Turn almost any surface into a wireless speakerSoundpod Speaker Kit: Turn almost any surface into a wireless speaker


Soundpod Kits

Each Soundpod wireless speaker kit includes installation hardware for a variety of mounting situations. For installation to glass or Plexiglass, the kit comes with sticky adhesive pads. For mounting the unit to surfaces such as wood, medium-density particleboard or Sheetrock (aka drywall), Soundpod has included acrylic discs for attaching it securely. The kits also come with speaker cable/connectors for the actual device and a Soundpod sticker.

Ordering Soundpod

If you’ve decided after reading this that you just can’t live without turning a wall, window or virtually any glass or wood surface into one giant wireless speaker, then you’ll have to order it directly from Pro Display. That’s because it’s a British product, but the company claims to ship worldwide, so no worries on that front. Anyone who is interested in discussing ideas for professional or home use of the Soundpod Surface Sound Speakers and receiving a price quote is encouraged to contact them by telephone or e-mail. That information is available via their website.