Be Careful Where You Walk! Delicate Glass Art

Bernard Katz is an artist specializing in glass blowing and sculpture. He creates gorgeous sculptures from glass that will brighten up even the dreariest of rooms.

The Grand SerenoaThe Grand Serenoa

Having graduated from the Temple University's Tyler School of Art, he began working with well-known glass artists before setting out on his own.


His studio in Philadelphia, PA, the Bernard Katz Glass Studio and Gallery, is open to the public to view glassblowing. "I think sometimes you take for granted, when you see glass in your cupboard, how it was made," said Bernard Katz. "...I think what people take away from this is seeing glass in its molten, honey like form, when it's at 2,000 degrees and being manipulated. Glassblowing is interesting to watch live because artists work in teams and there's a sense of immediacy required to manipulate the glass before it cools.”

The AvelinoThe Avelino

Using objects found in the natural world, Bernard creates vessels in transparent colors encased in layers of clear crystal. He then applies a darker layer, which is later etched away to reveal the image and amazing colors. On the outside of the piece, he applies reduction flames to give it that metallic-looking glow.

Trans BolinasTrans Bolinas

In some of his newer work, he shows communication between two individuals and titles the pieces using Navajo words of endearment.

Bernard works with his wife, Katie, and says their daughter Alyson is their chief inspiration.


Trans Terra CeiaTrans Terra Ceia


The VilanoThe Vilano

Some of his work reminds me of fire, and other pieces are similar to ice. It’s sort of like he takes those two elements and freezes them in time. What do you think of his art?


Many thanks to Bernard Katz!