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Glasses With A Photographic Memory: Four Eyes

IMM Living has just come out with its new catalog of neat stuff. This time I found a pair of glasses called Four Eyes designed by Willie Tsang for nerds and nerd wanna-be’s. The thing about Four Eyes is they actually give you what you've always wanted... a photographic memory!

Well, not exactly... Four Eyes probably doesn't have any more photographic memory than other USB devices, but you sure can fake it better! And I’m not totally off-base here.... Four Eyes is a memory device after all and it is kind of photographic, in a digital way….




If you think you're going to get a wearable pair of nerd glasses with Four Eyes, you're wrong, but what you do get is a neat 2GB USB 2.0 portable storage device, a bookmark, or just something to fiddle with if, perchance, you're a nerd who doesn't wear glasses... what?

(Gosh, my glasses look just like these!)


Apr 1, 2009
by Anonymous


wow these are cool i like soo want a pair ... the must be like £1000000

May 10, 2009
by Anonymous

Apps for Glasses

UN Hqs
Scotland Yard

Great for security use.

See movie ART OF WAR & recordable glasses for CP in movie.