Glassy Zone: Waterproof Wearable Technology For Surfers

Surfing is an exclusive kind of sport. Simply put, it’s exciting and a downright adventurous addiction.

It’s a breathtaking experience when you hop on a board and catch that first real wave.  First-timers get hooked right away, and then they become surfers forever.

Despite the fact that the sport is one of the toughest to master and one of the most dangerous, more and more people of all ages are buying surfboards so they can get ‘amped’ and discover that ‘life’s a wave.’

As the sport only continues to rise in popularity, new technology of sorts is now being developed to help surfers improve their skills while riding the waves. 

A team of inventors from Valencia, Spain, are leading the way with new technology that they have just introduced to the surfing world.

Called Glassy Zone, this wearable technology will not only help better a surfer’s performance, but it will also aid them in improving their health and overall well-being.

Glassy Zone is a waterproof fitness, surfing and sleep tracker with UV protection, built by surfers for surfers.

It is a water resistant band you wear around your wrist, and with it you can track all your daily activity on your smartphone: surfing, working, downtime, and sleeping. It also is equipped with a UV light sensor.

Hang Ten, Dudes

This wearable device has impeccable performance insights.  Glassy examines your actual GPS position, the number of waves you ride and your speed. Then it gives you insights on where you surf best, when you catch the best waves and where you need to sit in the lineup to perform your best.

Glassy Zone also provides real-time forecasting and alerts. Each user will receive regular real-time photo and video updates and notifications from the surfing community displayed on their smartphone.

What makes this invention even more unique is that it closely examines your health vitals and tracks your activity when you are in the water and out of the water. This wearable device gives users the most accurate data and analytics that helps them reach their fitness goals. You can even use the wearable device to set your health goals and monitor how many calories you have burned off. Data on your smartphone will also provide you with tips on improving your lifestyle and making the right healthy choices when it comes to exercise and diet.

Even better it that this wearable tracks exposure to harmful UV radiation when you are in or out of the water. Its LED light blinks when levels approach the recommended daily limit.

And with Glassy Zone you can track your sleeping patterns. It displays your different sleeping patterns: light sleep, deep sleep and when you awake each day. This feature will also help change your sleeping patterns for the better.

Life’s A Wave

Glassy Zone allows you to become deeply involved in the surfing community - locally and globally. Though the leaderboard feature on your smartphone you can boast about how many waves you surfed and the speeds you reached. The feature also allows you to find other surfers in your area that you can ride the waves with, and you can also offer tips to other surfing fanatics.

This wearable device comes in three colors: light neon green, ocean blue and black. It also comes with a USB charger in a variety of colors too.

This invention is great for any surfer. It helps improve your skills, and keeps your health and safety in check. And it works as a cool communications tool that connects the surfing community together.

Glassy Zone retails for $99.00 (USD).

If you are a beginner or pro, this wearable device is certainly worth checking out.

Since “a bad day surfing is better than a good day working,” you might as well be equipped with new technology like Glassy Zone.

So, how many waves will you ride today?